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TOP 商品案内 ホイールアド ギャラリー お問合せ
The wheel advertisement is a transport advertisement without precedent,
making advertising space on the wheel caps of taxis and buses,
making it possible to spread the advertisement through the medium of the wheels of taxis and buses which have lengthy operating hours.
PASCAR has overturned the conventional thinking that the wheel cover attached to a vehicle is something that rotates. For present day people who are used to looking at cars, an investigation result (from total aggregate data measurements) shows there is an acute impact attracting their focus when they see a wheel cover that should be turning remaining motionless. The focus rate is around 70%, meaning that the estimate is that of the people waiting at the traffic lights crossing, 7 out of 10 will be looking at PASCAP.
For the many wrap and sticker advertisements which use the side of the vehicle, there are more people looking at these whilst they are moving rather than during the times they are stationary. By combining the use of the wheel advertisement which stands out the more you drive around, this will also give more exposure to the existing vehicle advertising, and will be able to effectively make people aware of it.
Even for the existing wrap medium and alike, for which there exists little for it to become a conversation topic, linking this with the highly creative advertising expression of the non -rotating wheel advertisement will bring about various forms of communication, for example through the social media and so forth and from the standpoint of the unusual nature of the medium and also from the interest created by the advertisement itself.
Regarding posting of advertisement
Focusing on the wheel advert, we will propose an efficient promotion.
Please allow us to ask your preferences for the areas for the posting of wheel cap advertisements and also for other details such as the timing of introducing the advertising. Once we have checked the situation regarding the implementation in each area, we will make a proposal on the number of vehicles that will be possible, together with the price.
When we have confirmed the circumstances of usage of the medium, we will then secure the corresponding medium. Once you have filled in the necessary forms this is the end of the application process.
We will make a design proposal to you. After the design is decided, and after receiving approval for the advertisement screening approval in line with the rules of each district, we will move onto manufacture and then installation.
※or taxi companies, there are instances where the schedule for delivery differs depending on the district. We will also make the proposal together with a vehicle body advertisement.
We will also make the proposal together with a vehicle body advertisement.